The Digital Nomad Lifestyle, what does it consist of, how do I get there? - The Digital Nomad - old hat for hippies trying to make their way around the globe in low-cost countries or, more than ever, a lifestyle that ensures more freedom and personal happiness - especially in the current Corona era?
Location-independent income opportunities for Digital Nomads - What are the options for building a location-independent business? You might be surprised by the numerous options and wonder about one or two ways to make money. When traveling and networking, you always encounter those AHA-moments when others tell you what they do for a living.
Corona shock for Digital Nomads? - When the corona shock wave went around the world in March, all countries in the world closed their borders within a week and virtually all airlines ceased operations, not only tourists were affected on their vacation. Digital nomads were hit in their essence – travel. Unlike tourists who might spend their annual vacation in exotic […]
Cartagena COLOMBIA REMOVES CORONA TEST REQUIREMENT FOR TOURISTS - Effective November 4, 2020, the Colombian government has lifted the PCR testing requirement for entry into the country.   German Version Prior to this, all those entering the country had to prove a negative PCR test, which could not be older than 96 hours on arrival in Colombia. Since November 4, this requirement has been […]