The background

My transition to a nomadic life actually started quite a while ago. Kind of not fitting into the usual work concept (5-to-9, daily office presence) I decided to take matters into my own hands. I became a freelance but needed to be fulltime on side with the customer.

During the first years I really enjoyed this lifestyle – discovering new places not just like a tourist, to immerse oneself in the local life. But after being in the same city a few times I didn’t feel the same attraction as before. Logical. I started to prefer to be in the place I want to live and that’s not necessarily the same city where I have to go to work.

Remote work became more and more the focus. In the meantime, I rented a second place in southern Spain and it felt so good to spend time there. In the beginning I travelled to work in Germany every week. But as my mind was focused in remote work so strongly it became more and more reality. But because my mind was so focused on remote work, it became more and more reality. Suddenly, the new boss of a new project did not want me to be there all the time. And after that I got almost 100% remote work.

Now I call the world my home and I’m thinking internationally. In terms of places to live at, doing businesses, investing etc. During the European summer I usually spent the summer living in a camper van visiting some places where I got some friends, too. While staying in big cities it’s usually not a huge effort to meet like-minded people, expats, digital nomads. I love to exchange ideas and to have meaningful and deep conversations.

But what happens if you go to a remote places, touristic ones with lots of families? You probably won’t find any other like you. There is nothing on Meetup, nobody using the Couchsurfing app. There was a lack of something – a too to find globally oriented and like-minded people.

The birth of the Nomad Radar app

In autumn 2018, I joined the Nomad Cruise going from Europa and to Brazil. Almost 500 digital nomads jumped on the boat. I saw so many of us – Digital Nomads – interesting and inspiring people running amazing businesses and living the lifestyle just as everyone wants to.

This was the moment when I realized that something fundamental is changing, a new generation was born and is constantly growing.

Despite of being quite a big community there was no main platform which helped digital nomad to find and to meet each other. Meetings and communication are often done on different platforms, though.

My concern is to give the nomad community a tool which is easy to use and helps them in their daily life. Socializing, meetups, finding good working cafes – everything locations based provided through a mobile app available for the two major platforms Android and iOS.

Whats next?

During my travels I met a lot of people that also wants to achieve a free and self-determined life. A life beyond the stupid rules and limitations imposed by societies and some countries. But the nomad lifestyle is not easy to achieve. The basic requirement is an online business which allows people to work remotely or a business that can be managed remotely.

Depending on the experience and the person, this can be a challenge. But there are so many of us out there who have already made it. Many are so successful that they can afford a high standard of living.

My goal is to provide a platform where those people can connect and find each other according to their needs and the skills or services they are offering.

With your help and suggestions I would like to expand the functionality of the Nomad Radar in the near future.